Great Taste Award 2023, London – 2 stars for the first Dr Honey mead

We have said many times that the Great Taste Award is one of the most well-known food tasting and rating competitions in the world. In the year 2023, the competition received slightly more entries than usual, and the jury tasted approximately 14,500 samples. This year, we celebrated with our debut honey wine, which we named SATINUM: a velvety, full-flavored, naturally sweet wine, if we wanted to, we could compare its taste to the essence of aszu. We received the following feedback from the judges: “A beautiful deep golden hue with great clarity. We were surprised by the level of acetone on the nose, a touch of rancio Cognac….. The nuttiness again echoes the rancio notes on the nose, and the citrus is rich rather than luscious, bitter rather than astringent ….. A characterful interpretation of honey, of course, and a well-crafted contemplative sip to warm a chilly autumn evening.” “Shiny and pure golden mead wine with a strong sake aroma. Regarding the flavors, the judges felt that the description (=Elegant and complex, full-bodied, deeply warming traditional mead wine, characterized by a balanced sugar-alcohol-acidic composition. Intense honey/mead wine taste, some nutty and ripe citrus notes) is absolutely spot on and they really enjoyed the nutty and rounded sweet finish. A very nice and well made product.” “Extremely spirity on the nose, with an oxidized character. On the palate, this mead is varied and characterful, full, long-lasting and complex”.


A Dip. Weset also tasted it with a WSET wine expert, who said the following about it: “By far the most elegant and complex item. The balance of sugar-alcohol-acid is perfect, intense, but not excessive, the mead aroma/flavor and many other characters can be discovered in it…. It has a slightly nutty (nut, chestnut) character, but ripe citrus can also be detected in it. This fresh, refreshing characteristic balances well with the strong and characteristic honey notes. It definitely has the most beautiful and longest finish. It also reacted very well to heating, it does not fall apart, it did not become too alcoholic.”

It will soon be available to the general public.