Great Taste Award 2022, London

Dr Honey wins Great Taste 2022 award

Tasted by the experts, the Linden and Honeydew honey and the raspberry flavoured Honeycocktail from Hungaroharvest Ltd. are awarded Great Taste 2 and1-star in 2022.

We are proud being among the top food and drink producers globally this year, picking up a highly prized 2 and 1-star Great Taste award for our monofloral and flavoured honey.

More than 14,000 products were put through the competition’s rigorous blind judging process at the world’s most coveted food and drink awards. 4,078 products were awarded a Great Taste 1-star – ‘food and drink that delivers fantastic flavour’, 1,237 were awarded a Great Taste 2-star – ‘above and beyond delicious’, and 241 were awarded a Great Taste 3-star – ‘extraordinarily tasty food and drink’.

Recognised as a stamp of excellence and actively sought out by food lovers and retailers alike, Great Taste, organised by the Guild of Fine Food, values taste above all else. All products in the line-up for judging are blind-tasted: every product is removed from its packaging so it cannot be identified, before entering a robust, layered judging process. This year, the judging took place over 90 days across two judging locations (Dorset and London)  with a panel of more than 500 judges. This year’s line-up saw food and drink products submitted from a staggering 110 different countries from across the world.

Some examples from the judges feedback:

2 star winning Dr Honey Linden honey was described as “a joy and a great example of linden honey, with all of the silky viscosity and well placed sweetness you’d expect, together with a fine supporting cast of aromatic woodiness and bitterness. We wanted to keep on and on exploring its evolution on the palate and enjoyed the final warmth that lasted so well” and “A really satisfying honey with lots of complexity and a long finish…We enjoyed the citrus undertones and long-lasting flavour with the delicate menthol hit”.

1star winning Dr Honey Honeydew honey is “a dark amber honey with thick viscosity. Clear and glossy, it has pleasing woodsy notes and a prolonged floral sweetness which gradually becomes more mellow. A well-balanced honey”… “delightful with a good minerality supporting its caramel notes. Slightly smoky and balsamic, these savoury notes would see it pairing well with soft or hard cheese. Its lovely silky texture is another big bonus”.

1star winning Dr Honey Honeycocktail – Raspberry is a honey spread made based on a special “house blend” of 3 different varietal honey with added freeze-dried raspberry powder. The judges described it as “This product has a lovely vibrant but natural colour. There are clear notes of raspberry on the nose and a great, fresh flavour. The sharpness of the raspberry is well balanced with the sweetness of the honey and overall the flavour lingers on the palate. The product is well made and we like the concept behind it and the fact that a little can still deliver on taste.” and also as a “Wonderfully deeply coloured, gently aromatic of both raspberries and honey. The texture is fudgy, but spreadable. There is indeed a tang of fruit, and a lot of sweetness from the honey, but a generally pleasing balance, and an uncloying finish. We feel it’s a well considered and successful example.”

Dr Honey winners are 3 of 5,556 products to receive a Great Taste award in 2022 which is only 39.1% of the total products entered.