Black Jar International Honey Tasting Contest, USA 2022

Dr Honey on the world stage


In the finals of the Black Jar International Honey Tasting Contest in the United States, Dr Honey linden honey was ranked among the TOP 3 best tasting honey in the world in the monofloral honey category, and overall it was among the TOP 30 finest honeys in the world.

The Black Jar International Honey Tasting Contest in the United States has been organized by the Center for Honeybee Research, a professional beekeeping organization, for 11 years now. This is a blind tasting competition, where not only the taste – smell – texture of the honey is examined by the professional jury, but the entered items are also ranked. Hundreds of entries come to the competition every year from all over the world, such as New Zealand, Hawaii, Canada, Madagascar, Uruguay or Turkey etc. After the pre-judging in the springtime, three items with the highest score per category are selected, and the judges select the category winner at the beginning of June. Categories are e.g. Europe, the Middle East, or dark honey. This year one of the 10 categories was the monofloral honey. In this category, in addition to a Georgian and a Mexican competitor, Dr Honey’s linden honey was among the top three that the Georgian competitor ultimately won. This category is of particular importance to us, because from a professional point of view the most difficult and sensitive work is the production of monofloral honey, and we have competed here not only with entries from the European continent, but also from all over the world.